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Yvenson Israel Talks About Cultivating The Right Mindset For A Successful Business

Yvenson Israel (ascend 22)

If you want to be successful in business, you have to first get your mind right. Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that if you have a negative attitude, all you will see are obstacles. Yvenson “Vince” Israel saw a life in front of him that he knew he could attain through determination and hard work.

Vince has faced a lot of challenges in his life. But as a man whose goal was to gain freedom over his finances and his time, he was determined to do whatever it took to make it happen. From depositing $100 into his checking account, only to bring the balance up to $3, to now being a multi-millionaire, Vince has overcome obstacles by looking at life from every angle of opportunity. “I discovered everyone who was doing extremely well in life and had the time freedom I wanted owned a business. One word I kept hearing over and over was ‘I own’ so I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to be successful like them, I needed to own something,” says Vince Israel.

After trying a few home-based businesses, Vince discovered they didn’t give him the time freedom he was looking for. Instead of losing hope, he turned to Amazon drop-shipping. Within a year, he owned a six-figure store and had several students earning $30,000 to $50,000 in sales. Today Vince coaches and manages Amazon accounts for clients, doing anywhere from $6-10 million/month in sales.

Vince was raised by a single mother who worked hard at a job earning only $9.50/hour. Life was not easy for them, and Vince vividly remembers times when his family’s power was cut off and they were charged late fees on rent. Vince got into entrepreneurship because he saw it as a way to gain financial freedom. Even after having to build his business from the ground up twice, he never let adversity hold him back. “Thoughts become things. With any business, there will be obstacles. Having the right mindset will help you navigate those obstacles,” says Vince Israel.

From a young age, Vince was determined to live the life that was meant for him. With a goal of obtaining financial freedom, he adopted a mindset of success that has built an empire that has benefitted not only himself, but hundreds of others he coaches around the world.

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