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Psychic Chat Readings VS Psychic Phone Sessions For Love And Career Questions

Psychic Chat (liveperson)

Gone are the days of having to physically find a good psychic that will give you insights and clarity to your most burning questions. With the technological advancements occurring in today’s day and age, psychics are taking their services to a virtual platform where they are more readily available to provide readings and sessions to their clients.

Of these services, there are multiple platforms that provide a safeground for both the psychic and user, acting as the middleman between the two. Such services, such as Kasamba, have been providing guidance on subjects such as all things love and career matters for those who need clarification and feel they are stuck at a crossroads in life.

These online psychic service providers not only provide the user with the best psychics out there, but also enhance user experience by connecting users with the best psychics, no matter where the are. Kasamba, for example, scours the industry to find the best psychics who have real intuitive and psychic abilities, giving the user peace of mind that they won’t get scammed.

There are various means and ways to interact with psychics via these online platforms and the most popular ways are either via a chat session or through a phone call.

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So What's The Difference?

While both such services connect the psychic with the user, they are stark differences between the two. This article will explore the difference, advantages, disadvantages, and what is the most preferable service for people who wish to gain clarity and answers in an effective, swift, and satisfactory way. Check out the pros and cons of each psychic service, so you can see what would be the best option for you and what route to go for when seeking love and/or career advice.

Psychic Phone Session

Let’s start with psychic phone sessions, that are essentially, the first remote services provided to customers. Instead of having to drive miles to get to a psychic that may or may not be good, the use of phone sessions paved the way to accessible psychic readings from the comfort of one’s home. This service has been used over time by many people who need guidance but don’t have the means to get to their preferred psychic’s location.

Advantages Of A Psychic Phone Session

  • Cuts down on time.
  • Provides a quick, swift and easier alternative to face-to-face psychic sessions
  • The user remains somewhat anonymous although there’s a possibility of recognizing who the person is through voice

Disadvantages Of A Psychic Phone Session

  • Phone call itself may be expensive, especially when dialling overseas
  • The psychic is not always available to chat on the phone
  • Having to verbally ask questions and voice concerns from both parties may be more difficult since subconsciously, one feels rushed and does not think of everything when talking on the phone.
  • There’s a chance that someone else may hear the user on the phone, thus compromising and privacy and anonymity
  • Phone lines are easily tapped into, bringing forth the concern of privacy issues, again.
  • Language barriers can get in the way. Should the user or psychic not be native english speakers, it may be difficult for the conversation to flow and if one has a slang or strong accent, this could potentially lead to confusion and unclear guidelines.
  • Having to call a psychic on an international number may prove to be tedious since there’s a whole lot of bureaucracy involved; getting the right dialling code, and more often than not, cell phone providers don't allow for international calls , and if they do, it’s only to specific countries.

Psychic Chat Session

Psychic chat sessions are fundamentally text sessions that the user can undertake with a psychic, at any given day or time. These services have become popular in the past decade and, with most users using this means of communications as a way to connect to their psychic and get answers on love, relationships, career, and more. So, how is a psychic chat reading different from a phone session? There’s quite a lot of distinguishable points to consider.

Advantages Of A Psychic Phone Session

  • In most cases, platforms assign an alias or the user gives themselves their own alias, thus ensuring that the name and details of the user is not visible in any form. This boosts privacy and gives the user ease of mind that they won’t have their details showcased on the platform, in any way.
  • It’s easier for both the user and the psychic to communicate with each other, because texting gives both parties to put all their thoughts, insights, and findings down without feeling rushed on the phone.
  • In most cases, it’s easier to connect with a psychic , and should the psychic not be available, one can simply send a message or email and the psychic will see it when they’re online next. This way, no point or concern is left unturned.
  • With chat sessions, it’s easier to keep a copy of the whole reading.This is a feature that not many psychic apps have. Kasamba offers this to their users, so they never have to miss an important detail. Get the app here to check it out. This provides the user with ease of reference, so that they can always go back to their previous session and read key points, breakthroughs, and tips provided by the trusted psychic themselves.
  • Should either the user or psychic be a native speaker of another language, the conversation will flow naturally as text psychic sessions break the barrier of both or one party having to audibly understand accents. As mentioned, verbal readings may not be sufficient since if one or both parties have a heavy accent, there may be miscommunication during the session.
  • It’s easier for users and psychics to put all their thoughts and concerns in writing than what it is on a voice call.
  • Since the psychic reading is solely done via text, there’s no chance of someone else can eavesdrop on a user’s conversation.
  • There’s no need to pay for a service and a phone call, psychic chat services are almost always free as only 3G or internet connection is required.
  • Users feel more at ease asking virtually any question without feeling embarrassed by verbally having to ask out loud.

Disadvantages Of A Psychic Phone Session

  • A good internet connection is required in this case, and if the line is not stable, it may cause some connection issues.
  • Some psychic services employ psychics who are not native english and cannot write well. This unfortunately leads to a lot of miscommunication and frustration on the user’s end.
  • There are psychic service providers who do not add tiers to the chat sessions, thus conning the users by not showing them how much time has passed. This is especially accurate for services that are paid by the minute.
  • You will need a smartphone as most online psychic services work through phone apps,even though computer and desktop sessions are also readily available.

What Type Of Psychic Readings Are Offered?

Now that the basics are broken down, it’s important to note what type of readings one can have ; either on a psychic chat session or a psychic call session. In both aspects, people can choose virtually any reading they wish. As mentioned from the start of the article, it’s not necessary to see a psychic face to face in order to receive a good psychic reading. Some of the best psychics out there can be found remotely, and have the intuition and ability to tap into one’s energy and aura and get all the information that is asked for.

When choosing to use an online psychic provider via psychic chat or psychic call, the list of psychic categories are endless. Here’s a sneak peek as to what psychic experts are available online

Tarot readings- Ask a question and a professional tarot reader will lay the cards and give you insights and guidance on any area of your life.

Fortune telling- Know the future and what surprises await with a fortune telling chat session with a trusted advisor

Numerology- Learn all about life numbers, including deep-rooted personality traits of oneself or loved ones

Astrology- What’s written in the stars affects a big chunk of one’s daily life. Learn the traits of a specific Zodiac sign and what can be expected in the near future

Dream analysis- Dreams offer hidden meanings and manifestations in one's waking life. Together with a dream analyst, decipher what each dream means and how to act on it.

Love and relationships advice- All love related questions can be answered by top love experts who have experience looking at 2 souls and seeing if there’s truly a match or not.

The Best Apps To Have A Psychic Chat

There’s a plethora of online psychic chat providers that offer such services. These include, Kasamba, Psychic Reading Prediction (for Iphone, Android), Psychic Chat Readings (for Iphone, Android) , Palmistry (for Iphone , Android )and Tarot Reading (for Iphone, Android) just to name a few. Before registering for a psychic service provider, it’s truly important to read the reviews, ratings, and listing of the app before going forward. Also, making sure the psychics these apps provide are real and have a good amount of reviews from users alike.

In order to identify that a psychic app has all the advantages, make sure to;

  • Check if they provide 100% anonymity
  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • Do they let you try out a psychic advisor for the first few minutes for free before money is spent on a psychic that may or may not be a good match.
  • How many ratings and reviews does the psychic advisor in question have?
  • Are the services via call or chat?
  • How many categories are there?
  • Is there a customer service or official social media page?
  • Are chat readings deleted or can they be stored for future reference?

So, What’s The Best Psychic Service, Phone Or Text?

While psychic phone sessions were once the better alternative to in-person sessions, online psychic chat services have given psychic sessions a whole new meaning. If someone is seeking love and career advice, and they have a pressing question that requires instantaneous insights, then simply whipping out one’s phone and starting a session is truly the best way to connect to a real psychic. There’s no more waiting days or even weeks to chat to a psychic, today, things are done quickly, thus giving the user the ability to navigate through life while knowing what decisions they should take. Kasamba, for example, has had over 20 years in this industry, check out their app and get 3 free minutes with every new advisor.

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