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Pick Perfect is Here to Disrupt the Daily Fantasy Sports Space

Pick Perfect (ascend 15)

Pick Perfect is Here to Disrupt the Daily Fantasy Sports Space

In 2019, during the US Open Finals, Pick Perfect’s founder and CEO Mike Borukhov lost a parlay bet. In fact, he’d been winning until the last minute when his pick went wrong. His choice Serena Williams lost to Bianca Andreescu and extinguished Borukhov’s chances of winning. Borukhov was totally devastated.

However, as an avid sports gambler with years of experience, he knew that the odds don’t always favor the gambler. This loss reinforced that but also gave him an idea. He was going to look for a way to put the odds back in the gambler’s favor. He partnered with his friends Bryan Price, Bradley McBride, and Amanda Heath and shortly after, Pick Perfect was born.

Pick Perfect is a Daily Fantasy Sports app launched with two purposes in mind. First, it offers the players a chance to potentially win the biggest prize pool in history. And they don’t even need deep sports knowledge to do that. The other purpose is giving back to the community. Part of the company’s prize money goes directly to a charity in need.

They also recently launched Field of Dreams, their own foundation dedicated to providing top-of-the-line sports facilities for underprivileged youth. No app or website does that, and this alone guarantees Pick Perfect is poised to disrupt the entire DFS industry.

Upon initial launch, thousands of users signed up on Pick Perfect’s app platform. That was a huge milestone and confirmation they were onto something revolutionary. Since then, the company has continued to experience exponential growth by the week. Currently, it is legal in 26 states and plans to expand to other states by the end of the year as well as Canada. Its headquarters are in Denver, Colorado, and its goal is clear, “Here To Change The Game.”

Every week, Pick Perfect conducts a weekly contest in the NFL. Audience members need to submit their entries by Sunday at 11 AM ET. As the number of entries increases week after week, the prize pool increases too. If no one wins, the pot rolls over to the next week’s contest. Plans are underway to roll out golf, tennis, UFC, NHL and NBA in the near future. Eventually, they will get into sportsbooks, analytics, and more to offer a one-stop shop platform for its clients.

True to its mission, Pick Perfect formulated game rules that are so simple they make winning easy. All a player needs to do is answer 10 multiple choice questions to win the big prize pool. The questions are even easier. For instance, a question can be, “Who will have the most passing yards?”

To make it even simpler, the audience gets six answers to choose from to arrive at the perfect pick. If the player answers all the questions correctly, they automatically win the big prize pool. On top of that, joining is easy since the cost is $20 per entry, and users can make up to 500,000 entries. With the app’s wide reach, anyone from the novice sports fan to the tried and true gambler can win the prize money as long as they are 18 years of age or older.

Mike Borukhov and his team have just started. They are determined to grow their brand and impact the industry as fast as they can.

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