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Online Tarot Reading: Best Free Tarot Card Reading and Accurate Live Readers

Online Tarot Card Reading (ido galad 2)

Tarot card reading online is an introspective experience. It shows a mirror to your soul, highlighting both the light and dark parts of your life. Since, now you can see things for what they are, you can begin working for a better future.

Do you have questions about love, life and career? A tarot card reading can give you hope and direction to move in the right way! The tarot card reader uses a deck (usually 52 cards) in particular spreads based on your question to take a sneak peek into your future. It is one of the oldest psychic readings in the world and is equally popular today. The art of tarot card reading does not guarantee exact future predictions. Best tarot card readers analyze the fall order of the cards to know about the person’s possible prospects. In doing so, they advise you to be more introspective and well connected to the people around you.

The tarot cards are a set of 78 special cards where each card has a unique image and each image indicates a unique symbolism and meaning. When the tarot card reader asks you to pick a random card from this deck after you recall your question, the energy of the question determines which card pops out. 22 out of the 78 cards are called Major Arcana, it represents the major themes like love, career or life lessons in your life i.e., they give a broader perspective on a life situation. The remaining 56 cards are called Minor Arcana that often set the scene for the tarot reading. These cards reflect the daily struggles/challenges you may experience.

While our world is experiencing new challenges every day, we get more and more concerned about our future. The economy, politics are social factors that govern our life but it also impacts the way we look at our relationships. More and more people feel disconnected to their loved ones and an unease is common in the people of all social order today. Tarot reading may bring to light a new perspective to your life and career and could be a real game changer.

Best Online Tarot Reading Sites for Clarity & Insights

Kasamba: Most Trusted for Love & Relationship Tarot Readings (3 Free Minutes + 50% Off)

Keen Psychics: Great Deals for Accurate Tarot Card Readings (10 minutes readings at only $1.99)

California Psychics: Extremely Accurate Tarot Readers Specializing in Fortune Telling (Introductory offer: $1 per minute, plus 5 free minutes using the promo code ‘ADD5” )

Kasamba: Best Tarot Network Overall.

Kasamba is recognized in the industry for its love tarot card reading online. It gives the first three minutes of free tarot reading through online chat and phone readings along with discounts for first-timers. The site provides the profiles of the reader with their introduction, and information on the years of training and experience so you can make a well-informed choice. Their profile also contains reviews and ratings left by past clients on the style and method of a particular reader. At the profile, you can see whether the reader is online now or you can schedule an appointment for later.

Kasamba boasts its millions of 5-star ratings and reviews at the app and website for 20 years in live psychics’ service and the customer comes first policy. The site has an easy interface and you can easily navigate to the tarot reading services and explore the tarot card readers available and select one according to the subject or specialty you are looking for. If you are still not satisfied with the reading, you can contact the customer support service to ask for a refund.

How to Get an Online Tarot Card Reading Service at Kasamba?

Once you’ve selected an expert tarot card reader of your choice, you need to register yourself on the website. Just click on the chat option, and follow the instructions on the screen. Now your account is set. Select a payment option. You can choose to add a fixed amount now by using your credit or debit card or pay after the session is over.


  • All psychics on Kasamba go through rigorous screening, verification and background checks and only the best get featured on the site.
  • Excellent tarot readers specialize in love & relationship readings.
  • All new members get 3 minutes free tarot reading and 50% off.
  • You can check the history of the tarot reader on their profile.
  • A high percentage of regular users portray customer satisfaction.
  • Multiple safe and secure payment options like credit cards and PayPal
  • User-friendly interface
  • Preferred communication mode: live chat or phone call.
  • Round the clock service.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your tarot reading.
  • Best Match Guarantee feature ensures you find the perfect tarot card reader for your needs


  • No free daily horoscopes or newsletter for paid subscribers.
  • No video call option makes some clients feel they are unable to connect with the tarot card reader.

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Keen Psychics: The Best Option for New Clients

Keen psychics is one of the most favored online tarot cards reading portals in service for the last two decades. Their tarot card reading specialists stand out amidst the hundreds of online tarot readers for the spiritual awareness that empowers them to perfectly foretell the prior experiences of an individual’s life and comprehend what possibly lies ahead. Keen offers the best service to its customers in all aspects: 24/7 services, customer support, one of the cheapest online tarot cards reading for 10 minutes at $1.99 only and an easy, user-friendly site. If you are a new patron at Keen, you can expect to be spoiled with introductory deals, free tarot reading minutes and promo codes for extra free minutes. Keen is highly recommended for people new to tarot reading. It has multiple guides for the new patrons to understand each step and its significance, “What to do after a tarot card reading? Types of relationship tarot spread? What is the significance if you see a red cardinal?”

Keen asks for only the most basic details required for a tarot reading online and you can rest assured that you won’t be bombarded later with constant messages to get another reading. The tarot card reader's profiles are also organized in a way that you can easily sort the list according to your specific requirements. Each profile has an introduction about the tarot card reader, their psychic gifts, skills and experience in the field. The profile also has the number of readings the tarot card reader has performed and customer ratings. The talented and gifted tarot card readers at Keen can help you solve the complexity of your thoughts and help you get a better grip and control over your life.

How to Get an Online Tarot Card Reading Service at Keen?

Once you register yourself on the website/app, click on the ‘get matched now’ option. You will be directed to a page where you need to answer a few questions about yourself, the type of online tarot card reading you are looking for and what you expect from the tarot card reader. You can even select if you want a direct tone or a compassionate tone from the reader, during the session. Finally, you can add your name and date of birth, but it is not mandatory. You will be directed to the list of online tarot card readers that best suit your fit.


  • Keen verifies its patrons and the tarot readers before they are listed on the site.
  • Keen warrants excessive attention to data protection and security and the anonymity of the users.
  • You can connect to the tarot card readers through chat, phone call or email services.
  • Keen has one of the most economical prices for tarot card reading so if you are getting a reading for the first time, you can rest assured that you get enough time to receive genuine exposure without spending a crazy amount of money.
  • 24/7 service allows you to get a reading anytime you want.
  • A multi featured website with a daily free horoscope.
  • The best match tool and fixed price rate option makes it easy to find a tarot card reader in your budget.
  • Keen app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • The users can also tune into the Keen Psychics radio available at a specific time of the day to listen to anonymous questions answered by professional readers.
  • Get 10 minutes session for only $1.99 of accurate online tarot card reading for new users.
  • First-time users are given an initial session to prepare before the actual reading where they are asked basic questions related to the kind of free tarot reading they've selected. It also guides them to the kind of questions they can ask the online tarot card reader during the actual session.
  • If the preferred tarot card reader is not online, you can schedule a reading for later.


  • The online medium can make you feel disconnected from the whole process.
  • A large number of tarot card readers may overwhelm a new user.
  • The more experienced online tarot card readers are more expensive.

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California Psychics: Easy, Affordable and Trustworthy

California Psychics are a dream online tarot reading service for anybody. With 25 years in service and being one of the first online tarot card reading sites, California Psychics has built the best customer support service administered through chat or call. The various services offered by California Psychics are all rated differently with the minimum price at $1 per minute. The essential services are rated much lower as compared to more elaborate services, so you only pay for the assistance you are looking for. In addition to that, the site offers multiple deals and promo codes to its first-time users. The site offers a treasure chest of blogs and articles on the various services offered and the understanding of different psychic tools and readings.

California Psychics has a reputation for the best real-life problem solving, career and financial tarot card reading online. It has performed more than 5 million readings since 1995. It has performed remarkably well for two decades because of its open-minded, friendly and trustworthy tarot card readers. It is evident in the detailed customer reviews, testimonials and opinions of clients around the world. You can assess the expertise of each tarot card reader through the reviews and check their availability on their profile. The profile will also reflect the customer ratings and the rates offered by the reader. As mentioned above, the rate for every reader is different based on their expertise and experience.

How to Get an Online Tarot Card Reading Service at California Psychics?

First, sign up on the California Psychics website and register yourself. Next, set up a payment method. Once that is done, you can browse the site and select your psychic. The psychic will clear the deck and choose a spread based on your requirement.


  • Affordable online tarot card reading services available via chat/call.
  • Excellent Introductory Package: $1/Minute Plus 5 free minutes when using (CODE: “ADD5”)
  • User-friendly, multi featured website.
  • You can easily filter the tarot card reader based on their tools, styles, and specialization.
  • California Psychics only hire professional tarot card readers with certifications to prove their training and experience.
  • Daily horoscope and a periodic newsletter.
  • Karma Rewards: a new client will receive $20 upon registration. They can use it for their readings and each service in California Psychics, they will receive additional Karma reward points that can be used to unlock treasure and discounts.
  • Birthday and anniversary discounts for the users.
  • Display real-time waiting period for a reader.
  • Values customer privacy and confidentiality.
  • 100% money-back assurance


  • The more experienced readers are well sought after, which means you may have to wait in a queue for your reading.
  • No video call service takes away the charm of getting a tarot card reading.
  • Not all tarot card readers use both modes of communication i.e., chat/ call so it may hinder the accuracy of the reading.

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How to Get the Best Out of Your Online Tarot Card Reading Session?

Want to get an online tarot card reading but you are not sure how to get the best out of your reading? Don’t worry follow the tips below to attain the best results:

Before Getting A Tarot Card Reading:

  • Think of what problem you’re facing or the specific situation you want to get clarity on. Otherwise, you will waste your time and money and feel unsatisfied with the reading. Being specific will also help the reader understand the precise issue.
  • Next, you must decide what online tarot reading service is best for your requirement. You want a specific kind of reading on a fixed budget so you must find a platform that provides the best service at affordable prices. It is also important that you gather all the information about the tarot reading platform. Different free tarot reading sites/apps specialize in different aspects and fields.

    Read reviews, feedbacks and testimonials about the website as many free online tarot reading sites are a scam.
  • Before you select a tarot reader, you must carefully examine the payment options offered by the platform. Read the terms and conditions related to payment before finalizing the platform. Inquire about the duration of each tarot reading, a refund in case of dissatisfaction, additional payment for questions after the session, etc. Some platforms give free first few minutes and lucrative promo codes to first Time users.
  • Read the profiles of the readers carefully to examine whether they possess substantial industry experience and certifications. Research on their online tarot reading styles and the kind of tarot decks they use. Even the tarot spread for love tarot reading will be different from career tarot reading or finance tarot reading. It is important for you to feel a connection with the reader to get accurate results. Client ratings must also be taken into consideration as it increases the credibility of the reader.
  • Use the initial free online tarot reading minutes to build a connection and figure out if the reader is suitable for you or not.
  • Check what communication mediums are offered by the platform i.e., phone calls, chat, emails or video calls.
  • Do not create expectations for the session. You may feel disappointed if the actual tarot card reading session does not fit into the narrative you have convinced yourself to believe. You must never enter a session expecting to hear a particular answer.

During The Tarot Card Reading Session:

  • Do not overwhelm the reader. Let them guide the narrative. Explain the problem and your question, don’t bombard them with all types of questions. The reader is there to guide you based on your problem and what the tarot reflects.
  • Trust the reader and be honest with them. You’ve selected them after much research and hesitation, now that you are in a session, let yourself be comfortable and get the best results for yourself.
  • A tarot reading session is like a conversation, so it needs a natural flow that goes both ways. It is advised to use open-ended questions. You can prepare the questions before the session as well. The questions must be you-centric because the reader can only give information about you from the cards.
  • Be focused on the present. The future makes everyone curious but there is no point in asking about the future as it is inconsistent. Instead, it is better to focus on your present to understand what works in your favor and what doesn’t so you can make informed choices and put the effort in the right direction.

After The Tarot Reading Session:

  • Take time to sit and resonate with the points discussed in the meeting. You need time to understand, reflect and make adjustments accordingly. Otherwise, the entire exercise will be a waste of time and money.
  • Journal it. Journaling is a good emotional and psychological tool. You can use these basic structured questions to reflect upon your reading and make changes as per your mood:
    1. How do you feel after tarot reading? What are your thoughts?
    2. Where do you think you are required to do more inner work and self-reflection? Is it a career, relationships or self-worth?
    3. What is your key lesson from the reading? It could be something that the reader said or it could be your understanding based on the reading.
  • Write down an action plan. Don’t make it too promising and lofty. Make small shifts in your daily routines to lead a better life.
  • Be mindful, not judgmental about yourself or your life. Tarot readings can often bring up heavy parts of our life back to the forefront. We need to overcome this hurdle to move forward in life. Allow yourself space and time. Meditate, go for walks and stay connected to nature.
  • Avoid pulling another card as it might confuse you. The cards are merely to guide you, do not depend on them for every menial decision. Once you’ve asked for guidance, the cards do not have anything more to offer. You need to think, make choices and be ready to deal with the possible outcomes of those choices.

Are Online Tarot Card Readings Accurate?

Even though there is no physical connection between you and the reader you can still receive online tarot card readings accurately. The accuracy of online tarot reading is based on the following factors:

  • The openness and the honesty you show towards the reader
  • The skills of the reader
  • The connection between you and the reader should be natural.

Now you must note that the connection between you and the expert reader can be formed via an online medium. Secondly, people worry about the authenticity of the reader. Online portals update their list with verified and certified readers and you can even check their profiles, for information, rates and ratings by the clients. Whatever medium you choose to connect with your reader, they will carefully examine the words and tone of your voice to create a blueprint of your personality to provide accurate readings.

An accurate reading will help you get more clarity and will answer all your doubts. They will first answer what you want to know before they say what they think about your situation. As each card signifies something particular in your life.

Why Is Online Tarot Reading a Better Choice Then Offline Tarot Reading?

Tarot card reading does not depend on the distance between you and the reader. There are many advantages to choose online tarot reading:

  • You are not limited to psychics or tarot readers near you. You can connect with certified and well-experienced tarot card readers around the world. With in-person readers, you can’t be sure whether they are experts or a scam. Online the tarot reader can be verified and you can see the work experience and client testimonials.
  • You can connect to the reader based on your schedule. You do not need to especially take a day off to visit a remote part of the city. Your reader is only a few clicks away from your couch.
  • A single platform allows you to browse through different types of reading and a wide range of advisors.
  • You can search for an expert tarot reader as per your budget.
  • Online platforms offer free trials, refunds, and discounts to their clients.
  • Online readings are discreet and anonymous.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Online reading is further available in different mediums i.e., via phone call, chat and video call. You must choose the option you are most comfortable with.

Phone calls: This allows you to understand the personality of the reader to some extent through voice modulations and texture.

The disadvantage of phone calls is that the call is connected but you may be put on hold. In case you cut the call, you lose your appointment and you will have to make a new one.

Chat: Some people find live chat more comfortable.

Some sites, however, scam their users by using chat bots, rather than real advisors.

Video call: Video call is one of the most preferred options for tarot reading. It allows the user and reader to connect more deeply and get more accurate results.

How Can You Benefit from Online Tarot Card Reading Session?

  • Tarot card reading online can help you move in the right direction, if you are confused or feel lost, the tarot cards will guide you in the right direction.
  • A tarot card reading can help you identify what areas in your life you need to improve and explore.
  • It guides you to make more mindful decisions that will positively impact your life.
  • A love tarot reading can guide you to meet the love of your life or move on from a toxic break-up to a journey of self-exploration.
  • Tarot card readings can help calm down anxiety about the future. The expert will guide where you should be focusing to excel in life.

What Are the Different Type of Online Tarot Card Reading?

Phone tarot card reading

Phone tarot reading became very popular in the early seventies and eighties when the use of phones became a common thing among different social classes.

Video tarot reading session

Now multiple apps and tools are used to get an online video session that is akin to a physical psychic reading session. It feels more intimate and helps form a better connection between you and the reader.

Live chat tarot reading

Live chats are encrypted from both ends so it increases the privacy of the user. If you feel uncomfortable talking directly with a reader, you can opt for live chat.

Email tarot card reading

If you are someone who has a really busy schedule and you cannot find the time to engage in a personal reading session and would rather exchange a series of emails over a definite time interval, then this is the best option for you. This is best for a budgeted and time-friendly option for people who need in-depth readings.

What Is Love Tarot Reading?

People around the globe encounter problems related to love. Some feel unloved in a relationship and some are waiting for their “right one” and some are struggling to make things work with the wrong person. Each individual has their unique quest. They seek guidance to solve the mysteries of the heart and develop a healthy relationship. Everyone deserves to feel loved. Thus, tarot readers may help people in finding the love they’ve been waiting for, or assist them in enhancing and sustaining their love life. The tarot card readers are skilled in the discipline of love so they can understand and resolve your situation.

One of the most popular love tarot readings involves a three-card spread. You are required to choose three cards from the pack. The three cards symbolize the love you’ve encountered in your life in the past, the love you hold in your life at present, and the love that is on the move and arriving shortly. There is also a six-card spread, that represents additional aspects concerning a person’s love life and guides how they can improve the encounter.

A specific arrangement of the tarot cards that allows the reader to have a clear sight of your future is called a tarot spread. There are many tarot spreads that tarot card readers use like the Celtic Cross Spread and the Horseshoe Tarot Spread.

What Is the Difference Between Tarot Card Reading and Psychic Reading?

A psychic reader may or may not use the cards for the client’s reading. Some psychics use intuition or hear voices during a session that guides the client and the psychic acts as a medium to translate the message from the universe. However, if a psychic uses a pack of cards, then it is considered tarot reading.


Tarot card readers are guides to a better future. They tap into your energy to assess what factors dictate your life at the present and how it will eventually unfold with the given choices. What you do with that information, whether you choose to work on yourself or cast it away is up to you. The tarot readers cannot tell you an exact image of your future. You should believe that you hold the power to shift things in your favor and harness the best possible outcomes. If you are interested in an online tarot reading you can try the websites mentioned above as they are the best online tarot reading industry has to offer

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