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Winners Need More of Discipline than Motivation, Say Matt Par and Ian Prukner

Matt Par and Ian Prukner (venture369 b3::#9)

Setting goals and chasing them takes a lot of motivation but to make those goals a reality, you need self-discipline by the bucketful. Ask any successful entrepreneur or athlete and they’ll you the same thing - discipline is the most important weapon in any winner’s armory. Matt Par and Ian Prukner come from completely different walks of life, but the common ground that unites them both is their shared faith that winners need discipline, not motivation.

“I view winning as a journey,” says Ian Prukner. “Motivation is the road that you’ve mapped out in order to achieve your goal but discipline is the vehicle and, more importantly, the engine and fuel you need to get there. Without a reliable engine and adequate fuel supply, the journey’s over even before it begins.”

These are surely engaging words but you’d expect nothing less from Prukner, the former pastor-turned-owner of financial services company Prukner and Associates. He has helped over 30,000 families take control of their finances through his no-nonsense and solid advice. YouTuber Par is singing from the same hymn sheet as Prukner and acknowledges that without iron-cast self-discipline, he would never have built his YouTube empire and made his channel Make Money Matt such a success.

Matt Par adds, “Motivation is all well and good but it’s discipline that you need to deal with the setbacks, the doubters, the obstacles, and the sheer hard work involved in any venture where you want to come out on top. Commitment, consistency, and patience all naturally stem from self-discipline and it’s these values that make up the core character of any winner.”

Ian Prukner concurs and adds, “Self-discipline has a transformative power that will change your personal and professional life for the better. We all feel at times that we don’t want to put in the hard yards or go that extra mile, but it’s the self-discipline that spurs us on and gives winners the cutting edge that matters.”

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