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Insanely Talented People Attract Other Insanely Talented People – Jackie Potter

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COVID-19 has affected all aspects of people's lives, especially earnings and income. Only six months after the pandemic outbreak, about 25% of US adults stated they or someone in their household lost their job.

The statistics get even more discouraging, according to Pew Research Center. Half of those who personally said they had lost a job are still unemployed, a third have returned to their old position, and 15% got a job in a completely different industry.

Jackie Potter met a similar fate. She worked at Robert Half, a staffing firm, after she decided to make a switch from her advertising career. After only four months with the company, Potter already became one of the top billers due to her dedication and work ethic. That's when COVID-19 struck.

The company did a massive round of layoffs, and Jackie Potter was told that the company needed her to get out of the crisis, so she was saved during the first round. Unfortunately, Potter was laid off two weeks later since she was one of the employees with the least tenure.

Unwilling to give in to despair, Jackie immediately applied to several other positions and was invited to several interviews at companies that used to be a dream of hers to work for. However, she felt that none of those jobs were suitable for her any longer.

"I could feel there was something bigger out there for me," Jackie Potter says. "I always dreamed about running my own business, but I had no idea what it was going to be or when the opportunity would come."

That's when Potter decided to start JP Talent, a top-tier creative talent and recruiting agency. JP Talent does both permanent and freelance roles with companies of all types within the realm of creative, marketing, digital, and IT & technology.

Starting a company during the peak of COVID-19 was incredibly challenging for Potter. By the end of 2020, Potter claims that she was left with only $66 to her name. After six months of hard work and dedication, though, JP Talent and rose to fame.

"When everyone was losing their jobs, I decided to start a business that helps companies find the right candidates for their roles. I knew everything was going to be just fine because I trusted who I am. After only six months, I went from $66 to six figures," Potter says.

When asked about the secret to her success, Potter says that the "you are what you attract" mindset brought her success.

"Insanely talented people attract other insanely talented people. My agency prides itself on attracting the top performers in each skill set because it is led by such a top performer: me," Potter says.

The path to success is never easy, but success comes without a doubt to those who are willing to take massive, determined action as Jackie Potter did.

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