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Free Psychic Reading Online: Best Phone Call & Chat Psychics

Free Psychic Reading Online (post 1)

People are increasingly trying the world of psychics in this modern age of inventions and uncertainty. The traditional psychic reading sessions are being replaced by a technologically advanced online reading session that has the potential to reach many people across the globe. There are many people in search of a guiding hand that can help them survive hard times. If you are a person constantly trying to figure out the complex meaning of life events in order to strive for a better future, online psychics are the best choice that can aid you in this journey.

The online psychics industry is flourishing worldwide by helping out fellow humans to figure out their life through clear-cut visions and ideas. Since there are many live psychics websites available online, it is necessary to choose the best one that provides authentic and reliable service. You should always run thorough research before choosing a suitable website. Many factors including the ease of navigation, cost of sessions, customer care and expertise of the readers can help in determining the best psychic websites.

Given below are the 4 best free psychic reading online websites, reviewed based on many factors by experts in the field. Read through the detailed review before making an informed decision. You should always be extra cautious and vigilant about the different categories of online psychics and its popular presence in the mainstream media.

Best Free Psychic Reading Online Services

Kasamba - Best for free psychic love reading and tarot readings. Excellent reviews from customers. Get 3 free minutes + 50% Off.

Keen Psychics - Best access to psychic advisors with affordable pricing. Get 10 minutes at just $1.99.

Psychic Source - Perfect choice for first time psychic users with exciting offers. Get 3 free minutes + 75% off.

California Psychics - Top choice for online chat & phone readings. Use the code “ADD5” to get $1/minute + 5 free minutes.

Kasamba — Highly Accurate Free Psychic Readers

  • Well known for tarot card readings, love psychics, spiritual readings, psychic mediums and more.
  • Special offer of 3 free minutes + 50% Off
  • Guaranteed Customer satisfaction
  • Expert customer services

Kasamba is a reigning name among the online psychics reading websites that has helped people to gain success in their lives. Kasamba has been a stark presence in the field of love psychics enabling people to figure out their relationship and get it going for the best. The experts are known for their unique approach to all stories and the successful life-saving advice they provide to people. There are different categories of psychics you can choose from, including love psychics, tarot card readings, fortune telling, personal astrology, and numerology.

Kasamba has made its popular mark among the flock of users due to its nuanced approach in the field of psychics. All sessions are conducted at an affordable cost and you have the liberty to discontinue a session whenever required. If you are new to the world of psychics, you can make plenty of use of the introductory offers provided by Kasamba and attend a live session to understand its gist. If you like the initial few minutes of the session, you can continue further through phone or chat mediums.

>> Ask Kasamba Psychic Advisors 1 Free Question

The easy-to-use website portal allows many people to use the site smoothly and get an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. The free psychic reading online platforms like Kasamba aim at introducing you to the vast opportunities in the world and provide the secret keys to unlock the mysteries of the world. You can meet the top-rated experts of Kasamba on the very first page of the website. A detailed description along with the photograph of the expert reader will give you hints about their professional and personal high points.

The expert guide is completed using a concise summary of the type of services provided by them along with the session fee and notification mode. You can make a personalized choice after skimming through different profiles and reading about their qualifications. Choosing the right Kasamba experts can be done effectively if we have a solid idea of the world lying ahead of us. These experts have made their mark in various fields including dream analysis, astrology readings, fortune-telling and love and relationships.

If you are struggling from an unfortunate turn of events in your relationship or if you are planning to start off a brand new relationship journey, the experts at Kasamba have got answers for you. With decades of experience and unrelenting support from the public, Kasamba is growing each day by the size of its members. The peculiar features of the Kasamba website will make you feel like being part of a whole family with roots all over the world.

If it is your first time at Kasamba, you can make use of the welcoming offer of 3 free minutes for each new psychic category. This initiative helps new users to get acquainted with the system and experience a different kind of psychics and establish a connection between the best. Since its foundation in 1999, Kasamba has seen a pack of people who are ready to experience a novel and exciting aspect of life. There is a well-organized customer care system that addresses the grieving concerns of people and tries to help them through the hard times.

If you are particularly concerned about a specific aspect of your life, Kasamba gives you the option to surf through different categories of psychics unless you arrive at the most suitable one. There is no need to search for the best free psychic reading online website anymore since Kasamba is doing the best role in the field. When every other door of reliance and trust has closed in life, people turn to other forms with experimental nature yet the undying desire to make things right.

Kasamba works on a similar principle that makes it a point to realize the needs of people and allows you to rediscover a new path of life. You can approach the customer care service in case of any trouble that comes along the way. With the abundance of resources and varied types of psychic services available, you will be able to find the best expert reader that addresses all your concerns.

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Keen Psychics - Budget Friendly Services

  • Trusted and reliable psychic readers
  • First 10 minutes at just $1.99
  • Online chat, phone call or mail options
  • Specializing in tarot card readings, love & relationship readings, career advice, future telling and more.

Keen Psychics is one of the most reputed psychic reading websites backed by a large number of satisfied customers. The experts at Keen Psychics receive symbols from the higher realm and pass them to fellow humans who are in desperate need of a guiding hand. You can avail of accurate psychic readings by phone offered by Keen Psychics at a fairly low price. Before choosing to start a session with one of the professionals at Keen Psychics, you should always remember to research a bit further and gather information about the person and the topic that is covered.

Keen Psychics is the best immediate option for people who are trying to search for a psychic near me. You can read through the reader profiles and understand the type of services provided by each expert. It is important to note that each expert prefers their own unique method of approaching the session. Therefore, you should make note of the cues and read through the reviews of previous users to get a clear picture.

Apart from providing chat or phone psychics, some experts at Keen Psychics also tend to communicate via mail. You can choose the mode of communication and the session time according to your personal schedule. The organizers at Keen Psychics are working hard to ensure that all people get to experience the best psychic session that will open doors to new areas. For people who wish to explore different types of psychics, Keen Psychics encourages them by providing a special offer of free 3 minutes for the first session.

Along with that, the initial 10 minutes are available at a lower cost of just $1.99. Keen Psychics allows you to forge a deep connection with its experts all throughout the sessions. You can pour your heart's content fearlessly to the expert at the other end. You can also ask them different types of questions stirring your mind and try to arrive at plausible answers for it together. The special skills of the expert reader would allow them to see beyond the physical world and travel onto the highest realms in search of any cues or visions.

You should be patient enough to wait for your turn and accept the outcomes as it is presented. You can find a detailed list of things that should be kept in mind while attending an online session at the official website of Keen Psychics. One of the most beneficial aspects of online psychics is the golden chance it gives for people who are comfortable in working and living in their personal space. Rather than relying on traditional modes of physical meetings with psychic advisors, people can sit at homes or offices and use their spare time conveniently.

You can make use of the call or chat options to make the most out of the sessions. People who are comfortable in attending a virtual session with one of the psychic experts could opt for a face-to-face virtual meeting that would enhance the connection between them. If you are an introvert or socially secluded person who does not wish to reveal themselves too much, you can opt for less obvious modes of communication and engage yourself in chat readings.

It is essential to note that no matter whether it is an in-person meeting or an online call, the efforts of an experienced psychic reader are the main ingredient that leads to the success of any session. Therefore, you should give prime attention to the level of expertise and knowledge of psychic advisors who are well versed in different niches. Keen Psychics is known for providing unlatching psychic readings including tarot readings and clairvoyants. The spiritual advice provided by the experts during each session would allow you to grow better as a person who values the magic called life.

In order to treat yourself to an unforgettable experience, you should select the right choice of experts who can address your particular interests. The profiles of readers give a comprehensive idea of their professional graph and the type of experiences they are engaged in. The year of work and the total number of readings are marked on the expert profiles along with the reviews and ratings. This can be used to make an honest opinion of the experts before starting the session.

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Psychic Source - Unforgettable Psychic Experience

  • Over 3 decades of experience
  • Special offer of 3 free minutes + 75% off
  • A unique tool called "Find a Psychic"
  • Expert live phone, chat or video readings
  • Experienced psychic advisors for love readings, life questions, future telling and more.

Psychic Source is an actively engaging hub for online psychics enthusiasts who are set to sail in a world of new possibilities. You can be an active psychic member by making use of the easy-to-use website portal of Psychic Source. You can make use of the varied sessions priced at an affordable range and get advice from different readers around the globe. Psychic Source provides a platform for you to explore different levels of life and experience its ever-binding charm. You will be getting a chance to find answers to many questions that have been holding you back for a long time.

Psychic Source has arranged several features that have made it a popular choice among first-time users. One of the main highlights is the favorable pricing list with many exciting offers. The psychic experts touch upon a variety of topics that are based on daily life events in a person's life. You can be assured of a 100% satisfying performance on the part of Psychic Source organizers. Out of the many topics touched upon by psychic advisors, the prominent ones are centered around love and relationship, family life and destiny, career and finance, health and wellness and grief.

The psychics can be easily accessed through a phone call, video or chat as per your preference. Psychic Source has emerged as a popular name among the youth due to the availability of free psychic reading online by phone that can be easily accessed by anyone according to their personal calendar. The experts at Psychic Source initiate different sessions centered around love psychics, angel card readings, tarot card readings, numerology readings, cartomancy and clairvoyants.

Availing the new customer offer will give you unlimited access to a new world of psychics and introduce you to a panel of advisors with prominent years of expertise in the field. These experts have dealt with many persons with varied life stories and have successfully come up with readings that suit their ways of living. Choosing the perfect psychic advisor that matches your thinking patterns is easy with the systematic working of the Psychic Source website and its clear display of experts.

You can easily access all details on the official website and get accustomed to its setting within a short span. All you have to do is log in to the free psychic reading platform and start searching for a suitable advisor. To make the process much easier, you should try to break down your thoughts and the type of problems you are facing in your life. This will help you easily categorize the type of psychics that could help you overcome the hurdles and make some solid changes in your life.

One of the effective strategies put forward by Psychic Source website company is a multipurpose customer care center that takes care of all grievances and difficulties of the users. In case of any delay or disruption in the midst of sessions, you can easily contact the customer care specialists who will bring out a plan to resolve it.

Apart from these high points, Psychic Source is known for its one-of-a-kind initiative known as the Kindness Initiative that has furthered donations to underprivileged communities through the revenue generated from its customers. It means that whatever amount you pay for the sessions is, in turn, helping another person to fulfill his basic needs. Yet another unique feature of the Psychic Source platform is the availability of a special tool called "Find a Psychic" designed in a way to help you gain easy access to a wide array of psychic experts.

You can make use of this tool to find the most desired psychic advisor that suits your requirements and has the capability to face your questions. Once you access the tool, you will be asked to answer a set of questions in order to take the process further. These answers will help the tool to understand your stance better and thus guide you to the perfect match. This tool is easily available on the first page of the official website of Psychic Source.

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California Psychics — Top Choice for Phone & Chat Readings

  • Exciting offer of $1/Minute + 5 Free Minutes
  • Receive personalized daily horoscope
  • Providing Accurate readings since 1995
  • Highly trained online psychic readers

California Psychics has been providing reliable and trustworthy live psychics experience to users for more than 2 decades. The expert psychic readers at California Psychics have helped people to find their true calling and steer their life forward in favorable ways. The experts are gifted to see beyond the ordinary physical realm and discover the true essence of life in all its glory. If you wish to be part of a magical experience that has the ability to change your life for good, California Psychics is the right destination for you.

The expert readers make use of various psychics tools and facilities to achieve their ultimate goal. You can avail of different services provided by California Psychics through any preferred mode of communication. If you are comfortable talking to the experts through a chat or phone call, you can proceed accordingly. It completely depends on the likes of the user to find a suitable time and means to initiate the session. The user-friendly website design allows users to navigate through different features with ease and comfort.

The different range of psychic services offered by the experts at California Psychics is clearly mentioned on the site. All you need to do is access the website and create an account to sign in. California Psychics is a thriving platform that helps people from different walks of life to conveniently meet different experts with a gifted attribute of reading into the mysteries of life. All psychic readers are experienced in their niches and you can take a glimpse of their innate powers by attending an introductory session.

The initial offers are coupled with exciting offers and discount rates that allow more people to try out the experience. You can scroll through the biodata of each expert reader to know more about their service record and career graph. Along with the basic personal details and a picture, each reader profile allows you to understand their work better and thereby make a better decision. You can check the star ratings and read the customer reviews before finalizing a reader.

You can check the area an expert is specializing in and at the same time compare it with your special needs. If it matches, then you should contact the reader and arrange a schedule. You can easily make the choice by taking into account the years of experience and the session rate charged by each of them. The process of finding an expert and arranging the session takes minimum effort from your end. What makes California Psychics a key name in the field of online psychics is its uncompromised and quality services.

All psychic experts are highly qualified and legally certified to perform the role they are entitled to. All psychic experts are selected through a professional interview and screening process that double-checks their qualities and capabilities. Moreover, the team at California Psychics runs a thorough study of each expert reader before assigning them permanent positions as psychic readers. The un matching quality of the real-time psychic online experience can be accessed by the comfort of your personal spaces.

This comes off as an added bonus if you are an introvert who is afraid of meeting a psychic expert face to face but is determined to find solid answers to some rattling questions. If you are one among many people who are stuck at a particular stage in life with no hope about the future that lies ahead, meeting a gifted reader has the chance to turn it into a golden opportunity. It always takes one smart decision to change the course of your life and you should always be prepared to alter your life accordingly.

The expert insights gained from the readers at California Psychics have the power to affect a person's life positively. All you have to do is connect with an expert and pour out your personal experiences with utmost clarity. The reader would make use of different techniques and attempts to address your problems in the best possible way. You can read through multiple customer testimonials before deciding to trust California Psychics and its undeniable success stories. You can spend your valuable time at one of the most popular psychic reading online websites across the web.

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Which One Is Better In-Person Readings or Online Readings?

The first questions that arise in the minds of readers planning to take part in online psychic reading sessions are the reliability and accuracy of virtual platforms. It is important to note that both platforms have the equal power to create a magnificent atmosphere for a life-changing psychic experience. The psychic phone readings session held by the experts has the ability to change the person's life forever.

The only thing that really matters is the expert position of the psychic advisor and the level of connection formed between you and the expert. In fact, virtual psychic reading sessions are proving to be more popular and efficient due to the variety of options provided by them. It will help you connect with a psychic expert from any part of the world through a convenient medium of your choice.

As the world keeps progressing in terms of new technological inventions, the depth of online psychic experience and chat psychics has reached another level that attracts the participation of new users. Therefore, online psychic readings are being opted by millions of people who are in constant search of new paths in their complex lives.

How to Choose an Online Psychic Reading Platform?

The online world is filled with a large number of options for anyone looking for a live psychic platform. Since the demand is growing faster, many companies are trying to set up new and unique methods of online psychics coupled with exciting offers as a welcoming bonus. But these factors should not be the deciding criteria for you while choosing the right psychic platform.

One of the best ways to check the reliability of an free online psychic reading company is by looking at their year of origin and the number of active years they have spent on conducting readings. Along with the experience factor, you should always read customer reviews and testimonials to get a detailed picture of the working of each psychic website. Look for the distinctive features of each website and the way they have endorsed their experts.

You can also get into direct touch with previous customers and understand the functioning of each website from their first-hand experience. The pricing factor and the mode of communication are yet another detail that distinguishes each psychic website. You could select a website company that provides specialized customer care. You should always look out for fake promises and payment scams.

Tips for an Effective Online Psychic Reading Session

While gearing up for the first online psychic reading session, it is important to maintain an open mind without any inhibitions or prejudices. You should always hope for the best and try to level up your spirits. You may have many questions about the way an online psychic reading session works. You should read about the basic steps involved in a session before entering into one. If you are still confused, you can direct questions to the expert reader and gain more clarity as you proceed through the session.

If you are not feeling positive through the first few minutes of the session, you always have the option to end the session or ask for a refund as per the norms of the particular psychic website. It is always helpful to take a mental note of the questions you wish to ask the expert. As you drift along with the session, you may come across new questions and they can be added to the existing ones.

You should always try to connect with the advisor and create a friendly bond that will eventually make the session livelier and effective. It will also help you voice your opinions fearlessly even if it does not match the views of the advisor. You can keep these points in mind before starting a fresh session of live psychics.

Can I Ask a Free Question to Psychic Experts?

Yes, many psychic websites provide the initial few minutes of the session free of cost. You can sign in to the official website of the psychic platform and ask questions to the experts right at the beginning of the session. If you wish to continue, you need to pay the remaining amount.

What Are the Popular Types Of Online Psychic Medium?

There are different types of psychic mediums used by experts and advisors on online platforms. Tarot readings and clairvoyance are two major categories opted by people on a large scale. You can select from a variety of options as provided by various websites.

How Does an Angel Card Readings Work?

Angel card readings work in a slightly different way as compared to traditional psychic readings. If you want to know more about the present life situations and their various connotations, angel card readings can help you find it. The experts make use of your guardian angels to arrive at conclusions about your present life and not your future.

Can I Get An Online Psychic Readings Through My Phone?

Yes, you can connect with psychic readers from all around the world and get access to accurate free psychic reading online through a phone call, video or chat options. You can select the mode of communication according to your preference and availability.

Can I Become A Psychic Reader?

Psychic reading is a profession that requires immense knowledge and expertise along with the blessed gift to hunt for symbols and signs from the outside world. Only with the right amount of skills can an expert understand another person's life situations and garner insights that have the potential to change their life.


If you are new to the world of psychics, there are certain pointers that should be considered while choosing a suitable psychic medium. Since there are a large number of online websites claiming to offer high-quality experiences, the mere words of praise should not be taken for granted. You should read through the working pattern of different psychic websites before choosing the right one that matches your needs.

You should be extra cautious before trying out an online psychic platform as it comes with many risks. You should always take into account different factors such as the experience of advisors and customer testimonials in order to validate the services offered by online psychic websites.

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