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Automation Empire Makes Passive Income Easy and Accessible for Everyone

Automation Empire (ascend 21)

October 15th, 2021: Automation Empire, a Boston-based company facilitating the Amazon dropshipping process for investors, has created a system that makes passive income easy and accessible for everyone. The Amazon Automation system is a digital asset where clients pay the company to run a dropshipping store on their behalf. Automation Empire was founded in 2018 by successful investor Tommy Rodriguez, who was determined to help beginners succeed and prosper using the same methods he once did. With Automation Empire, clients' orders are fulfilled within 40 minutes, making them the fastest and most reliable dropshipping automation company in the industry.

Tommy Rodriguez also developed the mobile application TROD, designed to support his Automation Empire clients throughout their investment journey. No previous experience is needed for investors wanting to explore automated drop shipping. With a business model similar to that of real estate management companies, Automation Empire makes Amazon dropshipping profitable and stress-free. The Automation Empire offices are in highly-secured buildings with facial-recognition controlled entry, ensuring that each client’s finances are treated with the utmost privacy and security.

“After learning the tricks of the trade and finding my own success with dropshipping, I wanted to create a way to help others find success through this method,” stated Tommy Rodriguez, founder of Automation Empire and TROD. “With Automation Empire, you can make money from the services of other people, not at the expense of others.

Automation Empire’s team is consisted of real, in-house employees rather than virtual assistants, ensuring that each client’s investments are handled with care. With over a thousand satisfied customers so far, Automation Empire has been recognized for making success in the dropshipping industry accessible for anyone—even beginners.

For more information about creating passive income with Automation Empire, visit: www.tommyrodriguez.com.

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